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Dry Eye Syndrome Dry Eye Syndrome

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Glossary of Terms


Photo: Photo means light and includes the whole electromagnetic spectrum. The Excimer laser is Ultraviolet and the Femtosesond laser Infrared


Refractive: As light meets a more dense medium it slows and bends. Curved surfaces bend the light to a point of focus, the shape of the surface or curvature determines the point of focus.


Keratectomy/Keratomileusis: Kera = cornea, ectomy = to remove, mileusis = to dissolve, ie corneal tissue is removed/dissolved precisely by the laser.


Myopia: Light is refracted to focus in front of the retina, distant objects are blurred,  but near objects in focus hence near sightedness


Hyperopia: Light is focused behind the retina, younger persons can still focus distant objects clearly hence far sighted.


Astigmatism: The focusing surfaces have different curvatures in opposite meridians and hence different focal points (think of the side of a rugby ball)


Accommodation: The ciliary muscle in the eye acts on the lens to change its shape and focus from to and from distance to near.


Presbyopia: With age the lens hardens, it can no longer change shape and focus. Typically reading glasses are needed from late 40’s


Cataract: Clouding and milkiness of the lens with age causing loss of vision corrected by surgery


Intraocular Lens (IOL): when the cataract or lens is removed the focus is restored by inserting a new artificial lens in the eye.


Keratoconus: The cornea is weakened and stretches centrally going out of shape and focus (keratoconus is usually a contraindication to Laser Refractive surgery)


Cross-Linking:  Treatment of the cornea with a combination of Vit A and UV light to strengthen the cornea, typically used in keratoconus in conjunction with Keratarings +/- PRK




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