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PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision


Age-optimised treatment for Presbyopic Patients

As we grow older, bodily functions like our eyesight start to decline. Presbyopia is a common eye condition that affects many people over the age of 40. With this condition, the natural lens loses its elasticity and its ability to shift focus, causing difficulty when focusing on close objects and blurriness with reading. However, thanks to pioneering medical and technological research within recent years, new treatment options are now available.

PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision represents the next stage in eye care excellence.

Similar to conventional monovision methods, one eye is primarily corrected for distance vision and the other eye is corrected for near vision. This creates a 'no mans land' for intermediate vision and loss of binocularity, however PRESBYOND® fine-tunes the depth of field of each eye individually, creating a customised fusion of the two images in the intermediate zone – or the “Blend Zone.”

The unique Blend Zone makes it easier to successfully merge the images of the two eyes and is accepted by the majority of patients - clear vision at every distance - near, far and intermediate. A few may still want glasses for prolonged near tasks.

Talk to Laservison today to see if the PRESBYOND® option is right for you.


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