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Find out more about how PRESBYOND can help you get rid of your reliance on reading glasses.

Welcome to Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale,

Christchurch, New Zealand.

Life is for living - but sometimes the restrictions of wearing glasses or contact lenses stop us enjoying life to the fullest. But it simply doesn't have to be that way.


Established in 1997, Laservision Eye Clinic Merivale's leading-edge technology, world-class surgical expertise and impeccable, friendly service can deliver outstanding results to improve your eyesight. It's easier and more affordable than you might think.

With the South Island’s latest precision ZEISS equipment and our brand new-purpose-built clinic we can offer you even more options to correct your vision. If you want to take control of your eyesight, then its time to call us for a FREE assessment to find out if LASIK is right for you.



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